Charentsavan machine tool Manufacturing (CMTM) open joint stock company former Lusavan machine tool factory was founded in 1958. on April 15, on the base of the mechanical repair workshop serving the construction of Gyumush hydroelectric power station. CMTM OJSC is located in Charentsavan city of Kotayk marz /30 km north of Yerevan/, next to which Yerevan-Sevan railway passes.

During the Soviet Union, the factory specialized in serial production of horizontal and vertical milling machines as well as various types of spare parts. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the production of machine tools slowed down, and in 2010. stopped completely.

1994 Special production for the needs of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Armenia was created at the factory. Initially, the company developed various types of spare parts, tools and accessories for armored vehicles, and in 1995-1996. mastered the repair works of armored vehicles (0-72, All-1, All-2) and their diesel engines. 1998 the factory began to carry out repair work on various types of artillery systems.

At present, CMTM OJSC is considered the leading enterprise of the RA military industry in the field of repair, maintenance and repair of armored vehicles, diesel engines, artillery systems, as well as the preparation of spare parts necessary for repair. The organizational-legal form of the factory is an open joint-stock company, 80% of the share management authority is assigned to the RA Ministry of High-tech Industry, and 20% of the ownership belongs to the participants of partial free privatization. The area of the company is 12.33 ha /123300 m2/, of which 3.12 ha /31179 m2/ is the production area.•

Thanks to the technological equipment and machine park at CMTM JSC, it is possible to perform various types of mechanical processing operations, including turning, milling, turning, grinding, turning, welding, casting, heat treatment and more. On the exclusive machine tools in the company, it is possible to process large-scale constructions weighing up to 10 tons. The company's specialists carry out military, regulatory maintenance work on armored vehicles, engineering, 2.0P means and artillery systems.